10 Types Of Couples You Will Find In Every College

10 Types Of Couples You Will Find In Every College

College and couples; the two words go so well hand in hand that most of us have unlimited memories attached to them. You may or may not have found your soulmate at college; yet, college is the place where you would have definitely had a couple of crushes and that’s what makes it so special. And, of course, you must have seen so many love stories blossom at the campus all around you. Let’s just take you back to the memory lane.

Here are 10 types of couples you will find in every college.

1. The School Sweethearts


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They are best friends, worst enemies and real sweethearts of each other ever since school time. They have been by each other’s side all the time, played together, studied together and here they are together yet again to complete their education at the same college and in the same class probably.

2. The Forever Together Couple


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These two are just inseparable from each other. You will always spot them together, whether they are the canteen or the library. And yeah, they will tell you that they want to be together for a lifetime. How sweet!

3. The Casual Dating Couple


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This is the couple that either doesn’t believe in long lasting relationships or hasn’t fallen in love yet. They are just attracted to each other and are dating causally. A good way to pass time at college, nah?

4. The ‘Friends For Benefits’ Couple


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Well, then there are these! You can’t exactly call them a couple because they aren’t one. They are just friends but enjoy all the benefits of a couple with each other. No commitment plus all benefits. Wise enough!

5. The PDA Couple


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Oh yeah, how can we miss them? Whether you ever think about them or not, they just won’t let anyone forget that they are a couple, they are together and they are in love. And how would they remind you of that? The Public Display Of Affection!

6. The Fighting Couple


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You just can’t miss this one! These are the personalities who keep on fighting over trivial matters every single day. So much so that you wonder why the hell are they even together! Save the drama!

7. The Cheating Couple


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Not all are loyal in the world and these guys will prove that to you! No matter how beautiful the girl is or how smart the guy is, the two or maybe one of them is cheating on the other. Because, just one is not enough babe!

8. The Popular Couple


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This one is an epic couple. You name the girl and someone will shout out the boy’s name. Because everyone knows they are together! Because they are just so popular!

9. The Insecure Couple


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These chaps are the ones who constantly feel insecure of losing each other and are hence jealous of every single friend who talks to their sweetheart. Slowly and steadily, they will withdraw from your group and would be spotted in some corner of the campus alone.

10. The Normal Couple


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What can we say about them? They are in love but don’t believe in showing off. They admire each other, protect each other, spend time together but do not let their friends down. They are the real sweet ones!

Have you seen more such fun and interesting couples at college? Tell us what they were like!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal May 25, 2016 05.45 pm

    The second point is apt for us 😛 😛 Amazingly written Pooja .. I enjoyed it 🙂 🙂

    • pooja May 25, 2016 05.46 pm

      Hehehehe…Forever Together…great Sheetal 😛

  • Smeet May 25, 2016 05.46 pm

    Nice!! :p :p

    • pooja May 25, 2016 06.37 pm

      Ummm, normal ones? 😛

      • Smeet May 30, 2016 05.44 pm

        Oo yeahh!! 😀
        Hsulb :p :p


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