10 Dreams We All Had In Our Teens That Seem Impossible Now

10 Dreams We All Had In Our Teens That Seem Impossible Now

They say, ‘A dream is a wish the heart makes’! As teens, we all had dreams; our hearts did make wishes that we believed would come true one day. While some dreamt of being the next Ambani, some were relatively simpler in looking at life. But, that was one golden period of our life, isn’t it?

And if you thought you were the only day dreamer in the world out there, you are mistaken! Here are 10 dreams we all had in our teens that seem impossible now!

1. Being super rich


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Didn’t we just want to be the CEO of the biggest company in the world?

2. Traveling the world


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Blame the movies; they give you some serious travel goals!

3. Having that dream job in hand


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Admit it, we all thought we would get placed in our dream firm after college and have that much-aspired job in hand.

4. Watching the waves sitting beside bae


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Oh yeah! It was always a dream to sit beside that someone special and watch the waves silently.

5. Owning a house opposite sea face


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Who wouldn’t want that?

6. Being famous


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We all wanted that. Getting famous so that every time you walk on the road, people ask for an autograph or a selfie!

7. Giving an interview to the media


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Admit it, many of us have even practiced answering their questions!

8. Performing live in front of a huge audience


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This is for all the artists and performers. Who wouldn’t want to perform at a live show that’s houseful?

9. Having the whole world celebrate you


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Success is, when the whole world celebrates your birthday along with you, nah?

10. Holidaying at your favorite place with your favorite people


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Yet again, one of the most sought after dreams that we wished would come to one day.

But then, we graduated out of college and life happened. But we still do not stop dreaming, do we? After all, who knows when life would take that fine turn!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal May 19, 2016 03.44 pm

    This post makes me smile, reminding those day when I seriously thinks that getting a dream job is super easy or purchasing a flat or car is easy. The last line is superb we never stop dreaming, we never stop struggling !

    • pooja May 19, 2016 04.03 pm

      Yes..I became nostalgic too while writing it. We were so innocent! 😀

  • aarti ranpura May 19, 2016 04.27 pm

    Awesome post! I am still dreaming of the 8th and 10th point and trying hard to make it successful any how, lets c…I hope my dreams will get fulfilled before I grow old! 😛

    • pooja May 19, 2016 04.39 pm

      Hahahhaha…don’t just dream. Do something to achieve it! 😛

  • Dipali Makwana May 23, 2016 12.09 pm

    Yeahh.. Superb post… I wish I could do all the first 5.. :0 😉

    • pooja May 23, 2016 12.49 pm

      Thanks Dipali…I wish I could do all 10 😛


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