10 Rules Mumbaikars Love To Break

10 Rules Mumbaikars Love To Break

Rules are meant to be broken, agree? Well, every Mumbaikar would agree to this! Because that is what we simply love doing – breaking rules! It has been the birth right of Mumbaikars to break every single rule that has been made for their good. You name it, we break it!

Oh well, before you start feeling guilty for having broken a rule in your life, here is a list of 10 most commonly broken rules by Mumbaikars.

1. Traffic Rules


Traffic rules are just meant to be broken, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter if the signal is red or green, if there isn’t a traffic cop around, just speed away!

2. Helmet And Safety Rules


Who wears a helmet? Helmets are so downmarket! My hair becomes messy because of it, nah?

3. Traveling Without Ticket


Oh, we just love traveling without a ticket! After all, who wouldn’t like to save 20 bucks every day?

4. Breaking queues


Queues? Not our cup of tea!

5. Sound Rules During Ganeshotsav


It’s our favorite festival; our beloved Lord Ganesha is here and we need to show him how happy we are! So bajaoooooo!

6. Overtaking


Because the car ahead is always slow. Too slow!

7. Smoking At Public Places


Because I won’t die alone! Others should inhale the smoke and die too!

8. Dumping Garbage Anywhere


So what? The municipality will get it cleaned. After all, what work do they do?

9. Travelling On Footboard



Whether it’s crowded inside or not, we love some fresh air. Fresh, er, not really though, but we still love it anyway!

10. Spitting


Because I just wanted to! Period.

And this is not the end. There are many more rules that all of us have broken at some point of time or the other. Tell us which one you are guilty of breaking!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • smeet May 23, 2016 03.22 pm

    Traveling On Foot board??
    no way!!!

    • pooja May 23, 2016 03.45 pm

      Hahahahhaha…Smeet I know very well it is a taunt! 😛

  • Sheetal May 23, 2016 04.21 pm

    True indeed !! Everybody need to stop this.

    • pooja May 23, 2016 04.43 pm

      People are habituated..


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