10 Things Every Daughter Wants To Tell Her Father

10 Things Every Daughter Wants To Tell Her Father

The father-daughter relationship is one unique relationship in this world. While the father tries not to get too attached to his princess all the while she’s growing up, the daughter makes every single attempt to not leave her father alone and be there for him all the time.

But did you know there are many things in a daughter’s mind that she desperately wants her dad to know but never says them? Feeling curious, dads? Here are 10 things every daughter wants to tell her father.

1. Her dad will always be her superhero


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Well, not only a hero but a superhero! The one who can do anything for her smile!

2. If she could, she would never marry to stay with dad forever


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With this, I just stole the exact thoughts and words of many daughters out there!

3. She wants her husband to be exactly like her dad


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Whether it is good or bad, she will always compare her man to her dad.

4. When it’s about dad, she’s the most emotional person on the earth


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I don’t need to say anything here!

5. She is grateful beyond words for what she is today


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Because dad, you never bought new clothes only to get me that singing doll!

6. Dad is the only man she trusts with eyes closed


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Because there’s one man on the earth who wouldn’t betray her no matter what!

7. No man in the world can be as strong as her dad


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My daddy is the strongest!

8. She wants to support dad financially even after marriage


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Agree girls? How many hands raised on this?

9. She hates it when dad has to take a softer side in front of her in-laws


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Like it or not, but it is still that way in the Indian society. While there may not be cruel systems such as dowry existing today, but yeah, when it comes to planning things out between the in-laws, the daughter’s dad always takes the softer side. And it hurts every daughter to see her dad that way!

10. Maybe she never said it, but she thinks she has the best dad in the world


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Every dad is great but mine is just the best!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal (halo of books) June 01, 2016 03.29 pm

    This article is so heart-touching ! Every daughter in this world will be agree with these points 🙂 dad is the best man in every girls life !!

    • pooja June 02, 2016 11.29 am

      And even daughters are the best persons in fathers’ life! 😛

  • Aarti ranpura June 01, 2016 03.34 pm

    Wonderfully written puja 😀 :*

    • pooja June 01, 2016 03.49 pm

      Aarti our sisters will agree more..especially to the support after marriage point! Haha 😛


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