10 Things You Feel When Your Best Friend Is Pregnant

10 Things You Feel When Your Best Friend Is Pregnant

Every married Indian girl, only in a few months of getting hitched, is often bombarded with the question, “Beta, good news kab de rahi ho?” Indians are so much obsessed with this ‘good news’ that when it actually comes, most of us don’t know how to react. And imagine when the soon-to-be mother is your best friend! You hadn’t ever thought of her getting pregnant and becoming a mom, had you? Now, that’s something really great!

Here are a few among the many emotions you feel when your best friend is all set to become a mom!

1. Wow, I’ll Be A Masi Now!

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2. The Nervousness Of Whether It’ll Be A Boy Or A Girl

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3. Noting All The Changes In Her Body And Habits

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4. The Excitement Of Buying Clothes/Toys For The Baby

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5. Pampering Her With Everything She Wants

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6. Arranging A Royal Godbharai

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7. Feeling The Movements Of The Baby In Her Stomach

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8. That Feeling When You Realize She Won’t Be Able To Join You In Your Plans Any Longer

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9. Counting The Number Of Months/Days To The Delivery

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10. When The Baby Is Finally Out: Lo Bhai, Meethai Khao

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    This is a sweet post Pooja !!!

    • pooja May 12, 2016 11.19 am

      Thank you Sheetal 🙂


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