10 Types Of Friends We All Have

10 Types Of Friends We All Have

They say, ‘Friends are the family we get to choose’ and we cannot agree more! When parents fail to understand us, when you have a serious crush, when you need some relationship advice, when you feel low, who do you turn to? Of course, friends! Friends are the spice of life; with their different flavours and tastes, they make life interesting and worth living.

Here are the 10 types of friends we all have!

1. The ‘Kamina’ Friend


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We all have a kamina friend, at least one! Because they exist, and they exist everywhere! This friend is so kamina that he will purposely call you when you are asleep, give a surprise visit your house and tell your parents how good a son he is to his parents.

2. The Adventurous Friend


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This friend is always ready for an adventure! Whether he earns well or not, he will always manage money for a quick adventure trip and would always be ready for a picnic. In fact, he is the one who always pings in the Whatsapp group, “Chalo yar outing plan karte hai”.

3. The Humorous Friend


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If you have this friend, you are the luckiest person on the earth! Because, there are many in the world who will make you cry but only a few who would make you laugh. And this friend has got that ability! He is so good on humour that no matter how bad your mood, he will always make you laugh.

4. The Mentor Friend


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Need some serious advice on career, life or relationship? Go to this fellow! He has got serious mentoring and counseling skills and he will surely come up with a solution for your every problem. Umm, you know, just like Taarak Mehta is for Jethalal! 😛

5. The Partner In Crime


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Yes, yes, yes! We all definitely have this one! And god knows how many crimes you both have committed together! From playing pranks on people to passing comments on every other group at college or work, this one friend is the one you turn to when you feel you haven’t troubled someone since long!

6. The Completely Opposite Friend


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As they say, opposites attract! This one friend is completely opposite in nature than you are. If you are the mischievous one, he is the most silent person on earth. Yet, you get along so well that you never wanna lose him!

7. Friend From A Different Culture


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We surely don’t look at the language, religion and culture of a person before getting into friendship with them. So we all have this one friend who is from a different culture. And there are so many perks of it! You can understand their language well, if not speak; you know so much about their culture and, last but not the least, you always get to taste some awesome delicacies whenever they have a festival.

8. The Always Late Friend


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This one friend would always tell you he is on the way when, in reality, he must be half dreaming on his bed. And, the 5-minute wait is often a 1-hour wait!

9. The Bhukkad Friend


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This friend is the one who eats, eats, eats and eats all the time! Every time you make a plan of going out somewhere, the first thing he’ll do is find out the restaurants nearby and what food they serve. But, admit it, because of him, you have discovered so many new delicacies and food addas!

10. The Twin Friend


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This is a friend who is just like you twin. You both share everything, right from clothes, footwear, food and what not! Because, the two of you are same, physically and mentally! You like the same things and you dislike the same things.

Agree, people?

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Smeet June 17, 2016 04.01 pm

    Perfect!! 😀 😛

    • Pooja Kshirsagar June 17, 2016 04.27 pm

      Smeet you are the bhukkad friend 😛

      • Smeet June 29, 2016 04.54 pm

        No way!!!
        The Adventurous Friend may be :p

        • Pooja Kshirsagar June 29, 2016 06.04 pm

          Lo…no! Bhukkad friend!

  • Sheetal (Halo of books) June 17, 2016 04.04 pm

    We have the Humorous and always late friend Pooja 😛 😛

    • Pooja Kshirsagar June 17, 2016 04.27 pm

      Hahahhaha…yes yes I know who you are talking about! 😛

  • Aarti Ranpura June 17, 2016 05.43 pm

    Pooja, the most perfect blog I should say, awesome! :* mast hai ekdum, bole to dhinchak! lol 😛


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