10 Types Of Women You Find In Mumbai Locals

10 Types Of Women You Find In Mumbai Locals


For every Mumbaikar, the day begins with a long and tiring journey in the crowded Mumbai locals. Rightly called the ‘Lifeline of Mumbai’, local trains are the ones that will give you a hundred reasons to laugh, cry, shout, get angry and experience multiple emotions every day. For the ladies who travel in second class ladies compartment, especially during the peak hours, it is often an entertaining show!

Here are the 10 kinds of women you will find in Mumbai locals.

1. The Jumping Jacks

These women have mastered the art of jumping into the train the moment it enters the platform. Even before the train halts, they will already be in and be asking for a seat!

2. The Screamers

These women are the ones who usually board the train at the last of all, stand on the footboard and scream at the top of their voices. Surely, each one of us has heard that patent line, “Are andar chalo, bahar sab latak rahe hai”!

3. The Marathon Material

These women are the ones that can bag a medal if they participate in a marathon. Maybe not the ones who jump into a running train but, once they are in, they will run like crazy to bag a seat!

4. The Sleeping Beauties

These are the ones who probably have to get up too early at home. They will sleep at the window seat the moment the train begins and ignore all the shit happening in there.

5. The ‘F**k You Bitch’ Ones


These women are dangerous! They are the ones always ready to fight, swear and even hit you or drag you down the train at a station. Beware, never get into a scuffle with these ones!

6. The High-On-Attitude Ones

These are the ones infected by the ‘attitude’ syndrome. They will never reflect a smile, make faces and never answer the question kidhar utroge?

7. The Optimistic Ones

No matter how disgusted the crowd in the train makes you feel, there are still these optimistic women who somehow see the space for one when the train is hell crowded. They will always insist, thoda shift ho jao, bahot jagah hai, waha par koi khada reh sakta hai!

8. The Pushers

If only they knew pushing people into the train is an official job responsibility in Japan! They are the ones who love pushing and wrestling; they will push you in even when the train isn’t crowded, leaving you fuming!

9. The Ignorant Ones

These are the ones who will display that they are ‘educated’ and ‘cultured’! No matter how much the other woman argues, they will stop when they know there’s no point arguing and simply ignore that barking bitch!

10. The Understanding Ones

These are the only good ones that exist in local trains. Oh yeah, they really exist! They will always understand how frustrating it is to stand all the way from Dadar to Kalyan and bear the pushes and punches; they will offer you a seat or probably help you stand comfortably by holding your bag!

Agree, ladies?

Have more interesting stories of the Mumbai locals to tell? Let us know in the comments.

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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