10 Types Of Teachers We All Had

10 Types Of Teachers We All Had

It is that day of the year when we honor all the teachers and gurus in our life; not only the academic ones but that every person who ever taught us something in our life. So, here’s wishing everyone a very happy ‘Guru Purnima’!

Teachers have always had a special role in our life. After parents, they were the ones who taught us to read and write, understand the world and be better human beings. No offense here, but, admit it, we all had some really funny teachers at school and college apart from the strict ones!

Here are 10 types of teachers we all had in our school and college!

1. The Strict One


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Oops, we all had that one we always dreaded! This teacher was strict with everything; your homework, your discipline, your talkativeness in class and what not! One mistake and they would be ready to insult you in front of the entire class!

2. The Fun-Loving One


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Ah, this was the one we all loved! Because they were as fun-loving as we were! They would encourage playing games, singing, jokes and all sorts of pastime activities that made us enjoy their period.

3. The One With Pronunciation Goof (‘M’ was ‘Yem’)


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This list would be incomplete without mentioning them. Because we all had this one, admit it! That teacher who pronounced’ as ‘yem’ and ‘n’ as ‘yen’; remember how hilarious it used to sound!

4. The Always Shouting One


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I don’t know if they loved shouting at the top of their voice so much or if it was the natural pitch of their voice; but yeah, we all had this one who always seemed to be shouting, no matter if they were scolding you or just teaching.

5. The English Teacher Who Was Poor At English


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LOL! I remember I had an English tutorial teacher at college who once punished a student and asked him to go to the blackboard and answer a question. After the student had answered and was going back to his desk, the teacher yelled, “Where you go?” 😛

6. The ‘Get Out Of The Class’ One


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Oh yeah, this was the teacher with that patent dialogue ‘Get out of the class’! Whether you were simply smiling in class, talking to your friend or sitting without the homework complete, the only punishment they knew was to throw you out of the class!

7. The Personal Life Obsessed One


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Then there was this teacher who was so obsessed with his/her personal life that every single example they gave was based on something they did long back or their mom, dad, husband, wife, son, daughter, uncle, uncle’s aunt, aunt’s uncle or a distant relative did in their life!

8. The Philosopher


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This teacher was the one who could easily put you to sleep without having to sing a lullaby. This teacher was literally a philosopher; they would give you a long lecture on the topic they were teaching or on life in general, whether or not you asked them a question.

9. The Teacher We Had A Crush On


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Remember that one? You always looked forward to her lectures, didn’t you?

10. The Ideal Teacher You Always Respected


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Last but not the least, we had this teacher who we still remember, respect and love with all our heart because they were just so ideal!


Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal (halo of books) July 19, 2016 04.33 pm

    Pooja !! This post give me a big smile and reminds me the student life. 😀 I have got almost all kind of teachers you have mentioned here !!! 😛 😛

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 19, 2016 05.17 pm

      Same here! 😀


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