You Won’t Believe These 10 Reasons That People Cited For A Divorce!

You Won’t Believe These 10 Reasons That People Cited For A Divorce!

Divorces have become as common as marriages in today’s world. You might think every time you log in to Facebook, someone gets married. But, at the same time, someone else gets divorced in some corner of the world too! In fact, divorces have become so common these days that there would be a time when people would actually add a life event on Facebook as ‘Got Divorced’.

Okay, jokes apart, but there are people around the world who have actually made a joke out of marriages and divorces. You won’t believe what these people cited as a reason for seeking a divorce from their partner. Here we bring to you 10 of the weirdest and funniest reasons cited for a divorce by people.

1. Table Manners

A woman in Kuwait demanded a divorce from her husband when she found out that he used bread instead of a fork to eat green peas. We had never imagined that peas could ever be the cause for a divorce.

2. Snoring

A woman in China pleaded divorce from her husband when she could not bear his snoring. She also stated in her divorce statement that she couldn’t sleep at night because of her husband’s snoring and had lost a lot of weight out of illness developed from lack of sleep. And, the husband actually had to pay her a handsome alimony for that!

3. Cleanliness

Yes, you read that right! We could understand if dirtiness would have been a reason for divorce. But here, it’s the other way around! A woman filed a divorce against her husband because the guy was an extreme cleanliness freak. The woman reportedly tried to adjust with him but couldn’t bear it when her husband broke off a wall in their home and rebuilt it because it had become dirty. Well, no comments on that!

4. Bathing Bucket

Now, this really sounds like a LOL! A couple actually filed for a divorce after they had a heated argument over a bathing bucket. The woman claimed that there was only one bathroom which was inadequate for the six people in the house. To add to it, there was only one bathing bucket. When she asked her husband for an extra one, they had a heated verbal spat.

5. Food

Mmm, well, we know how it feels when you don’t get the food of your choice but we certainly didn’t believe it could be a reason for a divorce! A husband reportedly asked for a divorce from his wife when she served him a dish that he didn’t like. We wonder why he just did not ask her not to make it again!

6. Parrot’s Talking

However funny it may sound, this is true! In 2001, a lady filed for a divorce against her husband after the parrot in their house had started speaking weird words. She told the court that the parrot spoke “I Love You”, “Be Patient”, “Divorce”, etc. The lady thought the parrot had learned this from her husband who probably had an affair with another woman.

7. Nickname

Does your partner call you by nicknames? Well, every couple does have a special nickname for each other! But, a lady in Saudi Arabia filed for a divorce against her husband after she found out that he had saved her name as a nickname ‘Guantanamo’ in his cell phone.

8. Talkativeness

Oh yeah, this has been a reason for many divorces around the world so far! People have actually filed for a divorce against their partners stating that they are too talkative for them!

9. Disney Cartoon

We knew Disney Cartoons were to entertain children but even Walt Disney wouldn’t have ever imagined that this could a reason for a divorce between a couple! A lady in Japan got separated from her husband because he reportedly did not like Disney cartoon movies. The lady said that a person who does not like Disney cartoon movies can never be happy in his life.

Well, we think she should marry a 3-year-old! 😛

10. Mother On Honeymoon

This one is epic! In Italy, a woman demanded a divorce from her husband after he brought his mother along for their honeymoon. That’s a bit too much of being a Mamma’s boy!

Know someone who has filed for a divorce for as stupid reasons as the ones mentioned above? Let us know!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal July 07, 2016 05.03 pm

    Pooja !! These are truly epic and hillarious 😀 😀 and have you noted one thing that all the points has women who demand divorce 😛 😛 Disney wala is totally epic … LOL Rofl 😀

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 07, 2016 05.43 pm

      Hahahhaha…people are really mad these days yar! I mean Disney…really? LOL!

  • CEagle July 09, 2016 09.05 pm

    ha ha … seriously? (!!!) 😀

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 12, 2016 11.01 am

      People are funny! 😛


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