We Asked People To Share Their Most Romantic Monsoon Memories. Here Are 5 Of The Best Ones!

We Asked People To Share Their Most Romantic Monsoon Memories. Here Are 5 Of The Best Ones!

Monsoons are synonymous with romance. The divine drops of water kissing the ground, the cool breeze, the wet roads, everything about monsoon is just so romantic! This is the season that will surely make you miss your sweetheart, no matter how close the two of you are! So Of course, we all have enjoyed this season of love with our sweetheart at some point of time and that makes for some really good memories.

We asked people to share their best romantic monsoon memories with us and re-live the special moments. Here are 5 of the most amazing stories!

Story 1:


It’s a story of our early relationship. We were going through a rough phase together. He surprised me coming to my office we went to the Marine Drive. We hadn’t spoken a word. We sat there for some time and it started showering. He looked at me and said ‘I just love you. No matter how much we fight, I can’t live without you.’ This was very unexpected and I was almost in tears. I just smiled and he wrapped me in his arm. The unexpected shower brought us together. We held each other’s hand sat staring into the ocean.

Story 2:


It was just our second meet after I replied in positive to his proposal. We were at Marine Drive and it had already begun pouring. As we walked alongside the ocean, he held my hand. It was for the very first time that he had touched me and it felt so romantic. He put his hand around my waist and I couldn’t help but blush. Words weren’t needed to bind us together at that very moment.

Story 3:


It was a romantic rainy day and we were spending some quality time at a garden in Belapur. The weather was very pleasant and it was pouring heavily. It was in that moment that we came closer and our lips touched, witnessing the most beautiful moment of our life. But, as we were engrossed into each other, someone intervened. Bad luck, I must say, haha! It was a police on patrol who had caught us sharing the intimate moment and demanded a huge fine. After a little bit of arguing and bargaining, he finally took the money we gave him and left. We have never been to that garden after that day! 😛

Story 4:


It was the first time we had gone out together, only the two of us, after four months of marriage. I must say I didn’t marry by my choice but on the insistence of my mother. So I never really took her out anywhere ever. But this was a different day, we were having a casual walk at the Girgaum Chowpatty when all of a sudden it started raining. The rain, combined with the wind and the huge tides made the weather really awesome. My wife seemed to overjoyed looking and experiencing this part of Mumbai as she was new here. She originally belonged to a small village in UP. She was enjoying every bit of the rain and the tides. I avoided looking at her when all of a sudden, she said, “Thank you for bringing me here.” There was so much innocence in her words and her face that it left me surprised. I won’t say I fell in love with her or something in that moment but her innocence made me feel guilty. I realized I have not been fair to her in the past four months.

Story 5:


I won’t say it is a romantic monsoon memory of us together since we weren’t in a relationship then. We had been college mates over the last 3 years and I had had a huge crush on him since the first year. Of course, I had never had the guts to say it. So, this was a day when our college group had planned a monsoon trip to a waterfall in Karjat. This trip turned out to be a memorable one for me. Actually, nothing special happened in that trip. It’s just the way he protected me from the other guys staring and helped me trek my way to the spot, it fascinated every bit of me. I had no clue if he liked me or not, but I found him so irresistibly attractive enjoying in the waterfall that I confessed my feelings to him that very night. Today, we are engaged! *smiles*

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Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Smeet July 04, 2016 04.11 pm

    Wide smile!! 😀 :p

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 04, 2016 05.18 pm

      Smeet…same here 🙂

      • Smeet July 04, 2016 05.38 pm


  • Sheetal (halo of books) July 04, 2016 04.11 pm

    Wow this is a precious read Pooja !! Specially during monsoon 😛 😀

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 04, 2016 05.18 pm

      Yes…monsoon special! Romantic memories..what can be a better time to relive them! 🙂

  • Prasanna July 04, 2016 06.26 pm

    Monsoons surely have the power to make people feel special. Great stories.

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 04, 2016 07.01 pm

      Yes, they surely do! Thanks a lot.. Glad you liked them! 🙂


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