7 Childhood Games That Will Make Every 90s Kid Nostalgic!

7 Childhood Games That Will Make Every 90s Kid Nostalgic!

No matter how much we hate them, summers are probably the most favorite seasons of children. Come summers and the fun brigade begins! From heading to the native place with cousins to enjoying childhood games with friends, truly summer vacations are the most looked forward to days throughout the year.

But hey, do you feel you have enjoyed your summer vacations more than the current generation? Well, every 90s kid would think so. Here are 7 fun childhood games that will make you instantly nostalgic.

1. Chor Police


This was the toughest yet most innocent chase of our life. Unlike the way we chase life and life chases us now, this was a game where we died to become the chor. Although being a police would have been more respectable, we don’t know why but we just always wanted to be the chor. Agree?

2. Hide and Seek


Remember this, guys? Also known as ‘chhupa chhupi’ or ‘Stop Party’, this was a game we all have enjoyed in our childhood. Oh, the fun of hiding behind the parked cars and patting the back of the one searching us! Poor fellow, the searching would never end!

3. Colour Colour

Childhood Games-Colour-Colour

Colour Colour which colour do you want?’ Remember? Telling colours that weren’t easily available in the surroundings and then catching hold of the one who couldn’t find and get hold of the colour in time!

4. Marbles


How can we forget marbles? Whenever it used to be too hot outside or we were just bored of the running spree, marbles would come to the rescue! And how much fun it used to be to collect marbles or steal them from friends. Oh c’mon admit it, we all had stolen some!

5. Lagori


Lagori was yet another very popular game we played in our childhood. Arranging the stones in piles and then breaking the pile, every bit of it was so much fun. If only kids now would understand it!

6. Chain (Son Sakhali)


Son sakhali, ah! That truly makes me nostalgic. From one person chasing the others, it would turn into a huge chain. And remember who we simply used to surround the last person remaining? It was like a police team surrounding and getting hold of a terrorist!

7. Hopscotch


Hopscotch was another fun game that we all as 90s kids thoroughly enjoyed. Drawing that 8-square pattern on the chalk, throwing that piece of stone into each square and then jumping into every square except the one with the piece of stone in it, every bit of it was so much fun! And hey, it was not merely jumping, it was langdi (jumping on one foot)!

Remember more such childhood games that you enjoyed with your friends? Let us know in the comment box below.

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  • Sheetal (Halo of Books) May 30, 2016 05.49 pm

    Oh this post reminded our childhood days, when we went outside to play. That was a beautiful time of the life. We use to play Chuppa Chuppi when there is a load shading 😛 I use to play hopscotch alone, when there is nobody to play with me 😀 Son Sakhali, Colour- colour !! wow the splendid days 🙂 .. Chor-Police we use to play in school (Chup-Chup ke) .. today’s children will not get to enjoy these little and sweet games of the life.

    • pooja May 30, 2016 06.40 pm

      Really! That was the golden time of our life. Today’s kids are constantly immersed in phones. Games, for them, mean Temple Run and Candy Crush. I really miss the good old days. Wish today’s children were able to understand the fun of these games!

  • aarti ranpura May 30, 2016 10.28 pm

    These games will Neva get old for 90’s kids..it will.always remain the best

    • pooja May 31, 2016 11.39 am

      Aarti let’s play these at Panoramic 😛

  • kosmetyki fryzjerskie Elbląg December 05, 2016 05.36 pm

    I’m pretty pleased to find this site. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post. Thanks!

    • Pooja Kshirsagar December 05, 2016 06.02 pm

      Hi, thanks a lot!


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