7 Indian Daily Soaps That Crossed The Line Of Stupidity

7 Indian Daily Soaps That Crossed The Line Of Stupidity

Daily soaps in India are more famous than anything else in the world. People may go days and weeks without watching the news but they can’t resist daily soaps. Ask the housewives in India about how they spend time at home every day and they will have the entire daily soap schedule to tell you.

But, trust me, daily soaps in India are the things that make the television an idiot box in the real sense. Here are 7 Indian daily soaps that took stupidity to a new level over the years.

1. Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Woah, this is one of those serials that doesn’t end and makes your brain go through the torture daily. A stupid plot and the genuine over acting of the actors, this is a serial that will take you to the end of your wits. A serious goof up between two cousins and a lot of drama about who loves whom, its more irritating than entertaining.

2. Sasural Simar Ka


This one seriously makes me laugh and go WTF at the same time with its crappy plot. And yeah, by the way, for those who don’t know, the protagonist, Simar, has now become a fly. Going LOL?

3. Diya Aur Baati Hum


This one again is one classic example of a poor plot, high over acting and IQ diminishing drama. The protagonist, out of nowhere, gets selected for an undercover operation, gets trapped and then comes out of the mess like a boss. Oh yeah, by the way, she is a part of a bomb blast and five minutes later is seen fit and fine with just a scar on her head!

4. Yeh Hain Mohabbatein


The plot of this story had initially been drawn from a novel, so it was expected to be good unless the scriptwriters murdered it! And while all the drama continued, suddenly there was a ghost sequence in the story. Apparently, the male protagonist’s ex-wife is believed to be dead and she possesses his current wife. WTF?

5. Bigg Boss


Oh no, I don’t really have any comments for this! A bullshit, overrated show with diminishing TRPs, a superstar host and some extremely over acting participants, I don’t really know how it managed to reach up to Season 8.

6. CID


Well, well, well! Admit it we all once watched it unless it became utterly (like literally, UTTERLY) bullshit over time. The ease with which the CID guys track the murderers and solve cases making use of latest technology and the exceptional guessing power of the ACP, I wish the police and CBI in our country would have been that efficient! And yeah, how can we not mention “Daya, darwaza tod do”! We wonder what the doors are made of to break with a single kick!

7. Kumkum Bhagya



We had heard of love triangles in our life but this serial introduces the concept of love hexagon! LOL! The female lead in this daily soap is the dumbest character ever and the fact that she falls in love with her husband who ridicules her and laughs at her, makes me feel that love is really blind!

Got any more examples of utter script failures to share? Let us know in the comments!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal (Halo of books) June 02, 2016 05.35 pm

    Oh God !! Pooja ! I am laughing !! 😀 😛 My mum still watches Sathiya !! :Headbang: Meera is now become the MIL of Vidya hahahahahahaha !!! Ahem died ! Gopi went crazy 😛 😛 Her doctor wants to marry her 😀 😀 So many problems !! This serials are now crossing the line of sanity. 😀 😀

    • pooja June 02, 2016 05.41 pm

      Rofl…I never really watched Saathiya..My mom used to watch Sasural Simar Ka but thankfully she stopped it long back! I am saved 😛

      • Sheetal (Halo of books) June 02, 2016 05.45 pm

        hahaha !! Thank god ! My Mommy gives updates of Sathiya everyday.. even if I am not listening 😛

        • pooja June 02, 2016 05.48 pm

          Lol…How do moms watch such nonsense yar!

  • Aarti ranpura June 02, 2016 06.02 pm

    Puja even my mum used to watch that bull shit daily soap Sasural simar ka…lol n now finally simar’s journey from ghosts and aatmas has come up to a fly that is seriously lol and rofl 😛 :P….Sasural simar ka is crossing limits of stupidity! I think its producer has no other work left other than continuing the idiotic script of it 😛

    • pooja June 02, 2016 06.07 pm

      Lol Aarti..u remember this serial started when we were interning. And the ad used to come on TV so many times on the reporters’ room TV 😛

      • Aarti ranpura June 02, 2016 06.10 pm

        Yes, I remember it very well :P….hahhahah

        • pooja June 02, 2016 06.57 pm

          Rofl 😛

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