A Peaceful Protest for Justice – Youth Making us Proud

A Peaceful Protest for Justice – Youth Making us Proud

This is a peaceful protest (The Police acknowledged it too) and a leaderless protest. There are a group of scam artists who like to call this as a regional, religious and minority motivated motion but get this movement has no politics, no business motive, no religion, no caste … Just humans joining together to fight for justice.

  • The protests were peaceful, women were feeling safe to come and protest and barring a few hoaxes, no violence. Work was not affected. I myself ride in the protest areas to go to office and nothing hindered me. Absolutely peaceful.
  • Jallikattu protests: Leaderless on Marina Beach, they kept the leaders away – Any attempt by political parties to get mileage via this was stopped. MK Stalin was booed away from a gathering. Actors, students, professionals, peasants and farmers are heretogether.
  • Food and water is provided and the garbage is cleared by the volunteers. This is how you protest (A note to people who burn government property).
  • People who do not know the logic behind it, don’t call it animal cruelty. A negligible number of bulls have died in Jallikattu. This is a fact.

Why are so many Tamilians supporting Jallikattu ?

Protests are leaderless but not order-less. A fine example of voicing concern with dignity. Please don’t spread hoaxes about violence.

I spent a lot of time in the last couple of days looking up things on Jallikattu. I was sick and that had a lot to do with it but I got reminded of this dialog in Thani Oruvan where the lead actor talks about things in the news being related. “People skip the business section in the newspaper, but that one gives news to the other sections”. When I see a ban on jallikattu on one page, another page says Coco Cola introduces milk products inIndiaa. In a matter of moments, the neutral-PETA person in me became anti-PETA. What do sophisticated, bored, jobless rich folks who pretend to care about animals for publicity know about tradition?

The judgment from court is to stop Jallikattu. Students ask the court to reverse the judgement peacefully. Are these people violent? As for the Supreme Court’s judgment, the court has ordered a certain state to provide water as well. They burned buses. Nobody bats an eye. What can I say!

Leather goods are not banned, meat eating is allowed, artificial breeding and all other atrocities are allowed, several species are going extinct but these people still say that they care. Agreed, there are a few people who abuse bulls by branding them and using liquor but nobody understands the underlying fact. The people who rear bulls don’t find much remuneration. This is one of the only things a bull helps them besides breeding. Besides, this keeps the bull in its true nature. The bull is meant to be a powerful animal. That is why bulls are made to toil in the field. This is not animal abuse. This is the animal’s natural habit over hundreds of years.

So yes, despite everything, this needs to continue. The corporate people who are profiting from these things need to stop being criminals. The ones who watch this on TV and call for a ban need to shut up. No offense. This was said with all due respect.

(This article has been published in association with A voice for the everyman by Q)

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