This Café In Lucknow Is Run By Acid Attack Survivors And Is The Best Place To Visit

This Café In Lucknow Is Run By Acid Attack Survivors And Is The Best Place To Visit

What do you do when life lets you down? Do you run away from your problems, sit back and mourn or get up and face them? If you are feeling down already, here is a plenty of good hope for you!

Rani, Anshu, Farah, Shanti and Preeti are our brave heroes who fought back with life and didn’t let problems shatter and consume them! All of these women are acid attack survivors who were once betrayed by cowardly and evil men who couldn’t handle the strong women. A normal life that they were leading was instantly converted to one filled with darkness and hopelessness. But, what makes these women strong and heroic is their desire to continue living and become successful and self-reliant in life.


These women, along with Chhanv Foundation, recently started a café in Lucknow named ‘Sheroes Hangout’. A similar café already runs in Agra and is operated by acid attack survivors too. This café was started by the founders of Chhanv Foundation, Alok Dixit and his wife Laxmi Dixit, who is an acid attack survivor herself. The two have been working for the well-being of acid attack survivors and help them get free and effective treatment.

Sheroes Hangout now empowers the five acid attack survivors to face the world openly, earn for themselves, lead a self-reliant life and set an example in front of the world. These women are pillars of strength and courage, of hope and fight who are not willing to give up in life.

So, if you are in Lucknow and feeling down, go grab some good food at the Sheroes Hangout and meet these wonderful souls. The café that has the capability of accommodating over 50 guests at a time, offers goodies and great food to relish!


When asked on how Alok and his wife encountered the idea of starting the café, Alok explains,

“While helping them (acid attack victims) to rehabilitate and providing them jobs, we found that many of them lacked professional skills and so we thought that a café could be the only place where both the skilled and non-skilled ones can work and earn together besides spreading awareness to other people about acid attacks. Thus, the idea of Sheroes Hangout came up.”

The Sheroes Hangout café was first started in Agra in 2014 and received great support from people. The café turned out to be a huge success, not only among people, but also to empower the victims. It was then that Chhanv Foundation decided to open a similar café in Lucknow.


The Sheroes Hangout in Lucknow was inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav on International Women’s Day and has been serving food along with a lot of hope and inspiration to people ever since.

All of the five brave women, Anshu, Rani, Shanti, Preeti and Farah, are a living source of inspiration to people around the world. Their undying spirit and the desire to overcome the hardships of life is something each of us should take a lesson from.

Here is a heartbreaking account of their stories and how they coped up with it.


In Anshu Rajput’s words,

“I was in Class 10th when, one day, on May 26, 2014, a neighbour of ours threw acid on me. I was sleeping then. He attacked me because I had, in the past, rejected the 55-year-old’s advances towards me. The attack made me completely blind but, with the help of Chhanv Foundation, I have managed to gain 20% of my eyesight back.”

In Rani’s words,

“I was just 17 years old then. A man from the army used to trouble me a lot. I never did anything about it and just resisted him. So, to take revenge, he threw acid on my face. I was completely blinded and in the ICU for 9 months. My mother and brother bore all the expenses of my treatment by taking loans.”

In Shanti’s words,

“This happened in 2011 when I was 17 years old. We had a property dispute with a distant relative of ours who threw acid on me. He had good contacts so he never really went to jail for what he did. I also did not get any help from the government. Thankfully, Chhanv Foundation help me get free treatment in Lucknow.”

In Preeti Patel’s words,

“This happened in 2014. A neighbour of ours, about 40-45 years of age, used to trouble me. When I tried to speak out about it, he came to my home and threw acid on me. I was lucky to have saved my face but the acid burned my back. No action was taken on him and he is still free.”

In Farah’s words,

“My own husband did this to me. He was an advocate but he never really did anything. He used to treat me very badly. We were married for 6 years but he didn’t trust me. Never even allowed me to go out! So, I filed for a divorce and shifted to my parents house. To take revenge, he threw acid on me on February 11, 2009.”

Well, we salute the spirit of these brave women! More power to them!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal August 03, 2016 03.54 pm

    This is really a great step !! Thanks for sharing this Pooja. I didn’t know about this. Let’s share this story and spread across the country 🙂

    • Pooja Kshirsagar August 03, 2016 04.07 pm

      Yes, it is so so inspirational! Hope they start such cafes in every state!


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