No More Traffic! Now Fly To Work Every Day In A Flying Water Taxi!

No More Traffic! Now Fly To Work Every Day In A Flying Water Taxi!

What’s the worst part about going to work? Commuting, of course! The long queues for the bus, the jam-packed trains and the ever-increasing traffic just make commuting too tiresome every day!

But hey, not anymore! Because, you can now fly to work in a water taxi like a boss and avoid the busy roads and crowded trains.

SeaBubbles, a venture of two mastermind entrepreneurs in Paris, are working relentlessly to unclog the streets of Paris and make water taxis that can fly people to their required destinations.



This idea stems from the fact that most cities have busy and crowded roads while the waterways are empty. The founders of SeaBubbles, Anders Bringdal and Thebault, wish to seize this opportunity and make daily commuting an easier affair for people.

The company raised 500,000 euros for the sole project of the egg-shaped water taxi. The taxi is believed to hover a few inches over water and transport five people at a time, just like a road taxi. This includes 4 passengers and one pilot. SeaBubbles, however, intends to make the system fully autonomous so that the taxis can be operated by a robot and could carry five passengers at a time.


If rumours are to be believed, talks are also on with the popular car-hailing service, Uber Technologies, and construction company, Vinci SA, to raise more money to convert the bubble-designed shuttles into cabs. The taxis will also cut down the rising pollution in the world.

Well, all we can say is cheers to the makers! May the project materialize soon and we get a chance to travel in a flying taxi!

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  • Sheetal August 01, 2016 04.19 pm

    Wow !! Pooja this looks awesome !! Hope it will come soon in act 😀

  • Pankaj Gosain August 05, 2016 01.55 pm

    Very interesting to know about these water taxis.

    • Pooja Kshirsagar August 05, 2016 02.45 pm

      Thanks Pankaj. Glad you liked it! 🙂


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