This Man Recalls The Good Old Era Of Cartoons And We’re Already Feeling Nostalgic

This Man Recalls The Good Old Era Of Cartoons And We’re Already Feeling Nostalgic

Cartoons have evolved immensely over the years. Where once there was Cartoon Network, there’s CN now and it breaks our heart to see the kind of cartoon shows that are aired on the channel. Remember the good old days of Popeye, Bob The Builder, Pingu, Dora The Explorer and Noddy? Feeling nostalgic, eh? We are feeling the same too!

Apparently, a man tried to recall the good old days of the Cartoon Network and how things changed over the years eventually. We bet you wouldn’t agree more! Here’s what he has to say.

I remember a time when people encouraged their kids to watch cartoons during childhood. I used to actually run home to catch the latest episode of a few shows. There was this segment called Toonami which used to play from 4 PM to 5 PM in those days. It was a time when I hardly watched anything but cartoons. In those days, I couldn’t download anything either. You either watched it during the telecast or not at all.



If nothing else, it developed your English. Scooby Doo, Ghostbusters, Captain Planet, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and so many more cartoons exist as memories of my childhood. Today, cartoons are dubbed in native languages. That is not wrong but the quality of the language in the dubbed version is something to worry about. These are shows for kids. It does not call for crude language and slapstick idiocy. Tom & Jerry was slapstick but is there anyone who did not love it? It almost never had any dialogs.

While everything in the world is getting better and better, cartoons seem to be taking the other direction. There have been some good cartoons. I felt the ‘Korra’ series which was a sequel to ‘Avatar’ was good but the ending was more mature than kids would like to handle. Do we have to expose our kids to things they are too immature to learn about? I never did see a liplock or talks about sexual orientation in cartoons in my days. They were all kid-friendly. Agreed, Popeye and Brutus fought hard for Olive but the show hardly showed anything but the competition between the two. Today, we see so much more and quite frankly, I feel weird when I see kids watching these shows without parental guidance. Cartoons shouldn’t be ‘A’ or ‘U/A’ rated. Period.


Given the fact that cartoons on TV are taking a hit in quality, the animated movies are turning out to be better and better. Nothing beats the likes of Wall-E and Finding Nemo but movies like Kung Fu Panda, Minions and so on are enjoyable for people of all ages. I used to scoff at animated movies but turns out kids pull their entire families to watch these movies. You see some of the top actors and actresses taking these voice-only roles. The trend is catching up all over.

I guess when one falls, another rises!

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  • Sheetal (halo of books) August 09, 2016 02.20 pm

    I am so much agree with this post ! The quality of cartoons are totally degraded now 🙁 I miss Oswald, Uncle Scruz, Aladin, Bob the builder, Pingu Ohh.. I am missing the golden days :'(

    • Pooja Kshirsagar August 09, 2016 05.11 pm

      Can’t agree more!


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