10 Types Of Managers That Exist In Every Company

10 Types Of Managers That Exist In Every Company

Managers- the mere word can give you work blues no matter if it’s a Monday or a Friday. In fact, research suggests that it is managers who are most of the time responsible for people switching jobs more than the company itself. So you know, managers are key persons in an organization.

But, not all managers are bad and not all are good. Here are the 10 different types of managers that exist in every company.

1. The Rude Ones


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We don’t need to introduce you to these ones. They are rude and sometimes ruder than you can imagine. They will insult you in the meeting room in front of the entire team. Hold back the anger, guys!

2. The Angry Young Man


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He is the one that the entire office is afraid of! The moment his voice is heard, people flock to their desks, change tabs and shut their mouth.

3. The Nose Pokers


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These ones are probably the most irritating ones. They will assign you a task, poke their nose in it a hundred times and ask you the status every 10 minutes.

4. The Early-To-Office Ones


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Oh, how much we hate them! They are always early to office and that doesn’t allow you to take the liberty to be late. Also, you have to see their face the moment you enter!

5. The Always ‘Away’ Ones


These ones are my personal favourites. Although they are at office, they are always ‘away’. They may be busy in some meeting or having a casual chat with another manager but, either way, that’s good for us!

6. The Motivating Ones


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Yes, these ones exist too! They are not really friendly, not rude but they understand how important it is to keep their team motivated in order to get tasks done.

7. The Sarcastic Ones


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I must say these ones are creative. In fact, everyone who’s sarcastic is creative. Because not all can think and talk sarcastic spontaneously! It takes talent boss!

8. The ‘No Appraisal For You’ Ones


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Any comments about these ones, guys?

9. The Understanding Ones


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No, not all managers are bad. There are even some understanding ones who won’t give you a look when you ask for a leave. They understand you have a personal life too and won’t complain unless it is very urgent!

10. The Friendly Ones


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Then there are these- the friendly bosses who gel up well with their team and hang out with them! Because they are humans too!

So which one is yours?

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal (Halo of Books) June 06, 2016 05.20 pm

    2, 5 & 8 hahahahaha !!! Awesome post Pooja !! 😀 😀 How is your Boss?

    • pooja June 06, 2016 05.39 pm

      Hahahaha..thankfully mine is understanding and friendly! Bach gayi 😛

      • Sheetal (Halo of Books) June 06, 2016 05.43 pm

        Lucky you !! 😛 😛

        • pooja June 06, 2016 05.48 pm

          Yes..really lucky at all companies I have worked with so far!

  • Aarti ranpura June 06, 2016 06.54 pm

    Awesomely written! I would dedicate 1,4 and 8 points to tarannum Siddiqui :P…(b*****d) :P…

    • pooja June 06, 2016 06.57 pm

      Hahahahhahahaha…Rofl! Aarti I was seriously waiting for your comment. 😛


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