Mumbai Locals: What Commuters At Every Station Think!

Mumbai Locals: What Commuters At Every Station Think!

Traveling in Mumbai locals at the peak time is a real ride. A terrific combination of entertainment, irritation and risk to life, this journey would give you every emotion to experience. But, sitting in the window seat, have you ever wondered what would be in the minds of the commuters the moment the train enters the platform? No? Let’s try to read their minds aloud!

Kalyan: Kalyan local ka time to ho gaya hai. Bas log down karke naa aye to mujhe seat mil jaye.

Thakurli: Are yaar, aadhe Dombivli wale to down karke Thakurli aa jate hai aur hume seat nahi milti.

Dombivli: Poori train khali aati hai. Door ki ek side block na kare to chadke turant andar chale jayenge.

Kopar: Hume to bas cheeti jitni jagah dete hai chadne ki.

Diva: Yeh Dombivli wale poora pack kar dete hai. Andar jane hi nahi dete.

Mumbra: Are andar chalo. Sab latak rahe hai.

Kalwa: Saala hume to gira hi denge train se.

Thane: Sab utarte hi rahoge kya? Hum kab chadenge?

Mulund: Ek to train late aati hai. Fir sab ek side pack kar dete hai. Hum andar kaise jaye?

Nahur: Nahur ho ya Kanjur?

Bhandup: Vikhroli-Ghatkopar seat mil jaye bas.

Kanjur: Chalo utro jaldi.

Vikhroli: Ghatkopar wale peeche ho jao. Hume Vikhroli utarna hai.

Ghatkopar: Train late ho gayi hai. Kahin metro miss na ho jaye!

Vidyavihar: Vidyavihar utroge? Kurla ho to peeche ho jao!

Kurla: Bridge pack na ho jaye bas. Warna panvel local chali jayegi.

Sion: Sab Dadar wale peeche ho jao. Hume utarne do fir aage ana.

Matunga: Yaar ye Parel wale itna jaldi kyu bahar aa jate hai. Dadar me to poori train khali hoti hai.

Dadar: Are jaldi utro aur bridge pack hone se pehle bhaago!

Wish to continue the list? Let us know your experience of the Mumbai locals!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal May 10, 2016 05.33 pm

    hahahaha!!! Pooja You know I actually burst into laughter after reading this article…. each and every point is so hilarious yet true … We all can relate it too ROFL 😀 😀

    • pooja May 11, 2016 11.15 am

      Lol..thanks Sheetal…everyone travelling in trains at peak times can relate! I can even imagine people saying that! 😛


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