10 Reasons Why It’s High Time For Indian Parents To Sex Educate Their Children

10 Reasons Why It’s High Time For Indian Parents To Sex Educate Their Children

Sex is the most looked down upon word in India. You can’t talk sex in public, can’t discuss topics like masturbation and pleasure in a loud voice even when you are with your circle, forget about home. And, if ever you happen to utter the word in front of your parents by mistake, both you and your parents feel equally embarrassed, don’t you?

But what if your child ever asked you this question? Would you just scold him and shoo him away or explain him what sex and pleasure means?

Considering the number of rapes and sex-crimes in India and also the growing number of minors committing these crimes, it has now become a high time for Indian parents to provide sex education to their children to ensure they lead better and healthier lives.

Here are 10 reasons why Indian parents should provide sex education to their children right now!

1. If you don’t tell them, they will go ask someone else.

You of course don’t want that to happen. If their questions embarrass you so much, imagine how embarrassing it would be if they asked it to some guests at your home!

2. If they don’t find the right answers on time, they may resort to watching porn and get addicted to it.

It is important they find their answers on time. Or, they will simply resort to other means!

3. Or they may simply go out and try it practically to know what pleasure it gives.

You definitely don’t want that! Imagine your kid coming and telling you ‘Papa, I didn’t know how sex gave pleasure so I actually did it!’

4. If not educated properly, they may end up having unprotected sex.

Your children having unprotected sex is the last thing you want on earth. Because, it may invite so many diseases!

5. They may spoil their health or risk themselves to dangerous diseases like AIDS.

STDs such as AIDS have been becoming common these days. What if your child gets one?

6. They will never know if they are ever sexually exploited by someone .

Treat your child as a friend or they will never know when someone exploits them sexually. They may assume it’s normal and will never come to you and express themselves openly.

7. They may, if fallen into wrong company, even resort to sex-related crimes.

Considering the rising number of rapes and sex-crimes in India, it is better to let your child know that pleasure doesn’t come in forced sex but when your partner has consent for it, isn’t it?

8. They need to realize there’s nothing wrong with talking and discussing sex.

Yes, they need to realize that there is nothing wrong with talking about sex or their fantasies. And, for that, you need to realize that first!

9. And, we Indians need to break the stereotypes and be more open with our children.

It is seriously high time now!

10. It is NOT bad to talk sex openly and freely.

No, you won’t go to hell for having talked sex openly with your child!

This latest video by Durex named ‘Sex Talk With Pappu And Papa’ just talks about the same issue and highlights how important and easy it is to sex-educate children.

Check out the video here.

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • aarti ranpura July 27, 2016 05.24 pm

    Puja your write-up explains the true fact. Parents should be frank enough to discuss such topics with their children, which may help them save from commiting mistakes in near future. Well-written! 😀

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 27, 2016 07.43 pm

      Thanks Aarti ji 😛


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