This Shocking Video Reveals What Sweepers Get For Bonus!

This Shocking Video Reveals What Sweepers Get For Bonus!

It is that time of the year when we all wait eagerly for our salary appraisals. And, not to say, most of us are never happy or satisfied with what increment we get! But, ever thought what people such as drivers, cleaners, sweepers, etc must be getting for bonus?

Sweepers are the real heroes of our country. They clean the mess that we create, yet we call them ‘kachra wala’ when, in reality, we are the ‘kachra walas’ and they are the ‘safai walas’. After Swachh Bharat made a lot of news and sensation across the country, it was only these heroes who have actually worked to make our cities clean and beautiful. So don’t you think they deserve a handsome salary like you and me too?

Well, the fact is, these poor workers have to make ends meet most of the time to even feed their children twice a day. Yet, they do not complain, do not go on strikes like us, and do their job heartily for the meager salary they get.

But hey, while we all are waiting for a salary increment and bonus, here’s a shocking revelation by a poor lady sweeper on what she gets as a bonus!

Watch this eye-opening video made by Krupa Joshi and her group Bindass Bol to know what’s bonus for these poor heroes!

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  • CEagle July 09, 2016 09.03 pm

    This is extremely sad 🙁 … We don’t have a dignity of labour. These are the people who make our day-to-day lives easier and healthier by keeping surroundings clean. The exactly same situation is in Railways. The linemans, who manually inspect and rectify tracks by walking tens of kilometers of tracks everyday defying scorching heat, rains or cold, get peanuts for their work.

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 12, 2016 11.01 am

      True..these people deserve the most respect and, of course, a decent pay for their work yet they are the most disrespected and highly underpaid workers. Feel sad for them! 🙁

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