Transgenders Deserve Equal Rights As Well. Period.

Transgenders Deserve Equal Rights As Well. Period.

I always felt that the society was unfair to transgenders, even historically. Forget women for a little while. That is becoming a very touchy subject now. It is these people who need the real help. Women have a quota in everything. We all claim that we live in a male-dominated society so no problems for men either. What if nobody even takes you seriously enough to offer you a chance? What if you don’t even have the opportunity? What if all that people do is ridicule you? It’s only natural that you act out.

That has been the fate of transgenders. Many associate them with all things unwanted and it may not be false but there are so many of them fighting for their part in this society. In reality, they are the ones with literally no rights and people mock them everywhere. I wouldn’t blame them if they acted out. After all, a section of men and women do unspeakable things.

The other day, when I was coming back from office, a transgender approached me as I stood at a signal. One could guess with her dressing that she was a transgender and I was scared as many of my encounters with transgenders in the past have ended up with me giving them alms. This woman immediately told me, “Don’t be scared. I will not hurt you”. Her tone was polite and she really did not want to scare me. She brought herself to ask me, “Can you drop me off on the way?”.


The place where she wanted to go was on my way so I reluctantly agreed to drop her. Mind you, I have the habit of giving a lift to guys all the time. She sat behind me in a dignified way.

Throughout the drive when we stopped in a signal or somewhere else, people were laughing at me and even looking at me in a sympathetic way. She was silent all the way and thanked me as I dropped her off. Something felt good. I’ve done a tiny bit of social service before but that day I felt proud to have helped someone in need.

I recently saw this channel called Lotus News. We had a person Rose in Vijay TV earlier and so on but this channel introduced the first transgender news anchor. Her enunciation and presentation was better than some of the top news anchors. Tamil news channels have crucified the language several times but this person’s pronunciation was perfect. Talent lies everywhere. If you don’t see whether it is a man or a woman, why should you deny a transgender? It is in the crude vision of pathetic people where it gets wasted. I am proud of this happening here. I wish more such things happen.

(This story is published in association with A voice for the everyman by Q)

Q is a wannabe writer whose biggest passion is writing. (Not that he's any good at it). Still in the early stages, open to criticism and in the process of penning novels and small snippets on everyday things that affect him. Also the author of

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  • Sheetal (Halo of Books) August 24, 2016 02.32 pm

    Q, You have nailed it ! I really appreciate your effort to write the untouched points which are yet to be discussed. Transgenders are just humans and I think now the time has come when people need to change their mindset and accept them as common citizens.

    • Pooja Kshirsagar August 24, 2016 03.20 pm

      True that!

    • Q August 30, 2016 04.40 pm

      Thank you. It’s high time this happened. Baby steps started with TN police selections including them but we have a long way to go


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