We Asked People What They Love About Monsoon The Most. The Replies Were Beautiful!

We Asked People What They Love About Monsoon The Most. The Replies Were Beautiful!

After three long months of scorching heat, monsoon has finally come out of hiding! And, with it, has come a lot of peace and joy to people! After all, who does not love the cool breeze brushing against the face or the precious drops of water soothing the soul?

We asked people what they loved about monsoons the most. Although many of them did not actually love the season, they surely had some interesting replies of what they loved about the season most!

1. Listening to slow songs


The best thing to do in monsoon is listening to slow songs! The soothing drops of rain, the cool breeze and slow, romantic songs! Oh, what a combination does it make!

– Poorva, college student, Mumbai.

2. Bike ride with friends


The best thing about monsoon is going out on bike rides with friends, especially at night!

Niraj, engineer, Mumbai.

3. Bunking office due to train issues


I don’t quite love monsoon but I love it when it causes some serious train issues and then we can just bunk office and spend the entire day home. It’s a bliss!

Vrushali, engineer, Mumbai.

4. Chai, bhajiya, bhutta


What I love the most about monsoon is enjoying garma garam chai, bhajiya and bhutta with my family. We sit in the balcony and watch the rain as we chat and play!

Santosh, bank employee, Mumbai.

5. Thinking about my loved one


When it rains, I love thinking about my bae while watching the drops fall. It just feels so perfect and romantic!

Sonal, college student, Mumbai.

6. Romance in the rain


When I am out with my girlfriends and it rains, it’s the best thing ever! We hold hands and things seem so perfect. I wish it rains every time we meet. It feels so intimate.

Sooraj, private firm employee, Mumbai.

7. The coolness in the weather after the heat


It was so hot a few days ago and now it feels so pleasant and cool. That is the best thing about rains!

Shubha, housewife, Mumbai.

8. Rainbows


Whenever it rains, I try to find a rainbow somewhere. I love watching rainbows.

Piyush, school student, Mumbai.

9. The smell of the mud


The best thing about rain is the smell of the mud, especially after the first rains. There is nothing comparable to it!

Shivani, college student, Mumbai.

10. Greenery


I love the greenery that follows monsoon. It is so beautiful to watch!

Megha, private firm employee, Mumbai.

11. Creativity rush


I feel very creative in the monsoon. I don’t know what really happens but there is some magic in the season. Especially at night, when I simply sit in the balcony and watch the drops fall from the sky, I just randomly get some beautiful thoughts and ideas. I think it makes me more of an artist or a poet.

Shrinivas, private firm employee, Mumbai.

12. Road trips


I love going on road trips with my family and friends in monsoon. Last year, we went on a girls’ trip to a resort in Karjat and it was so, so fun!

Swara, Marketing Executive, Mumbai.

13. Photography


I’m extremely passionate about photography. Although that’s not my profession, I just love clicking everything that’s around me. And the monsoon just gives me a plenty more reasons to click, click and click!

Tejas, Graphic Designer, Mumbai.

14. Dreaming


I day dream a lot! And in monsoon, the climate is so dreamy and soothing that I dream a lot more (laughs)!

Vinita, college student, Mumbai.

15. Playing with my kids


I love making paper boats with my kids in the monsoon and watch them play and enjoy the season. Like really, we grownups are missing out on so many joys in the world!

Prajakta, private firm employee, Mumbai.

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Smeet June 23, 2016 05.35 pm

    Yes! Everything! 😀 😀

    • Pooja Kshirsagar June 23, 2016 06.31 pm

      Especially bike…hai na? 😛

      • Smeet June 24, 2016 10.14 am

        Ohhh yaa yaa yaaa!!!. 😀 😀

  • Sheetal (Halo of books) June 23, 2016 05.35 pm

    Just beautiful !! Love the monsoon 🙂 🙂

    • Pooja Kshirsagar June 23, 2016 06.31 pm

      Yes…monsoon <3

  • aarti ranpura June 24, 2016 12.32 am

    Speechless!Monsoon has the awesome weather and my mind drains out all frustration

    • Pooja Kshirsagar June 27, 2016 11.12 am

      Arti 😛 You also have some interesting monsoon memories! 😛


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