The Generation Difference: When We Were Children Vs Children Now

The Generation Difference: When We Were Children Vs Children Now

Remember the time when we were children and all we wanted in life was chocolates, ice creams and summer vacations? Remember the times when we played all day at the ground, not bothering about the scorching summer heat? Those were the best days of life, weren’t they?

But it breaks our heart to see childhood is not the same for our later generations. No children playing at the ground, no paper boats in the rain water and no jumping into puddles! Yes, childhood, it seems has been lost. Ours was the last generation to have enjoyed our childhood thoroughly, not posting it on Facebook!

Here are a few things today’s kids do vs what we did at their age!

girl lying on bed with cell phone

Today’s Kids: Always stuck to the phone

When We Were Kids: Mobile phones, what was that? Hardly one person in the entire colony had a mobile phone and we looked at them as the richest man on earth!


Today’s Kids: Addicted to mobile games (Temple Run, Subway Surfers)

When We Were Kids: Touching dad’s mobile phone was an offence. And if we were lucky to get the phone in hand, the snake game was the only one the phones supported!


Today’s Kids: Addicted to social media

When We Were Kids: We didn’t even know how to operate the computer, let alone being active on social media. In the later years, there was Orkut though!


Today’s Kids: Birthday parties at malls and clubs

When We Were Kids: When we were children, birthday parties were typical. Call friends at home, cut the cake, eat wafers, samosa, cake and cold drink, dance for some time, collect the gifts and leave.


Today’s Kids: Addicted to burgers and pizzas

When We Were Kids: After playing in the heat all day, when we were tired, maa ke haath ke parathe and dal chawal was everything. Even visits to a restaurant meant ordering dosa, idlis or, at the most, sandwich.


Today’s Kids: Want AC bedrooms and classes

When We Were Kids: We didn’t even need the fan. When it was time to play, even the scorching heat didn’t matter, let alone air conditioners. We didn’t even know what air conditioners were!


Today’s Kids: Put statuses of heartbreaks

When We Were Kids: If a guy even asked a girl for friendship, she would start crying, complain to her mom or the school teacher and get him punished. Heartbreak? There was no question of it!

By the way, we wonder what breaks the heart of 13-year-olds nowadays! When I was 13-year-old, losing a new pen-pencil’s lead was a big heartbreak moment!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal August 06, 2016 11.41 am

    Pooja I must say you have written this post from your heart! Really it makes me sad when I see children of 4- 5 th class talking about Bf, Gf, facebook post and new games. In our time, our life starts with the school with the two braids hairdo, tutions, evening play with friends, chatting with siblings and we even sleep with the same two braids. Today I see school girls have hair cut, I was like WTF 😛 Really our was the last generation who has played carom, Snake & ladder, Ludo, Monopoly 😀 I really miss that era if I get a chance to make a wish then I’ll want to live that era again !

    • Pooja Kshirsagar August 06, 2016 02.43 pm

      True Sheetal. We have had so much fun in childhood…those memories are so soothing. The outdoor games, pakda pakdi, stop party, statue, oh God I’m feeling so nostalgic!


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