Ditched By Her Husband, Shattered By Her Daughter’s Death, This Woman Now Helps Thousands Of Orphans

Ditched By Her Husband, Shattered By Her Daughter’s Death, This Woman Now Helps Thousands Of Orphans

Are you upset with the problems in your life? Are you sad because you have to walk to school every day while that rich kid comes in a brand new car? Are you frustrated because you have to toil at work every day and don’t get enough time for rest?

Meet Godavari Patil, a 60-year-old woman in Mumbai, who faced more challenges at a tender age than most of us do!

Godavari Patil is a volunteer with several orphanages in Mumbai. She collects clothes, utensils, clean water, toys and food for numerous orphans every day so they lead a better, safe and healthier life. Once burdened with loneliness and the feeling of worthlessness, Ms. Patil discovered the true purpose of life, fought with circumstances and emerged out successful.

We discovered her inspiring story on Humans of THANE. Here’s the ordeal she went through.

Godavari was only 20-year-old when she got married. Initially her married life was a peaceful and happy one. The couple was blessed with a baby girl and things seemed to be perfect until one day she discovered her husband had married another woman. Godavari was shattered and didn’t know what to do. Also, she did not want to spoil her daughter’s future. Therefore, she left her husband and ventured out on her own to give her daughter a better life.

It was a very difficult period of life as Godavari did not have a job or a support system. Also, leaving one’s husband was considered a very bold step in those days and no one came forward to help her.

To make things worse, her daughter was diagnosed with a common illness and died at the mere age of 3. That’s when Godavari’s world came crashing down. The sole purpose of her life was gone and she did not know whom to live for!

But Godavari decided to stay strong and accept the challenge life had thrown at her. Instead of attempting suicide or harming herself, Godavari began understanding the real meaning of life and the struggles of people. Soon she discovered that she is not the only one lonely and unfortunate soul in the world. She discovered that each and every person in the world is fighting a battle and that there are people who are more unfortunate than her. In her own words,

“I feel, it was my personal grief and difficulties which made me realize that there are many unfortunate souls in the world. I started reaching out to them.”

Soon, Godavari discovered the true purpose of life and started working for children in orphanages in order to help them lead better lives. She began collecting clean clothes, clean water, food and shelter for the orphans.

She has been volunteering many orphanages for 25 years now and helping children by collecting basic necessities for them. She personally visits people them in cities and rural areas and collects essentials from them which are then distributed among the orphans. In her own words,

“People want to help, but they don’t have time in their busy lives. Their priorities are different. So, I become the catalyst. I collect clothes, utensils, grocery and also money to support these orphan kids. Many a times, people forget. I have to keep reminding them. I have to be really patient.”

From collecting the essentials from people personally and distributing them to the orphans, Godavari manages almost everything single-handedly. Occasionally, she is helped by neighbours and friends. When asked how she manages to travel to remote places to collect the stuff in this age, she happily says,

“When I see happiness and excitement on those children’s faces I feel all the efforts are worth it. I don’t feel lonely anymore. Now, this is my life.”

We bow to you in honour, ma’am!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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