10 Struggles Only Girl And Guy Best Friends Will Relate To

10 Struggles Only Girl And Guy Best Friends Will Relate To

They say a girl and guy can never be best friends! We don’t know if that’s true, but yeah, a girl and guy best friends surely have to pass through many everyday struggles in India. The world sees you as a couple, you may or may not want to be a couple, but you have no choice than to maintain the ‘just friends’ tag! That’s well the real struggle lies and well, it’s complicated bro!

Here are 10 struggles that only girl and guy best friends will relate to!

1. All your friends think you both are in a relationship


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Those teasing and naughty smiles you get when you both are talking are more than a proof that the world looks at you as a couple!

2. Your parents always give that suspecting look when you get a call from him/her


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“Why has he called you at this hour?” Much relatable, yeah?

3. You have a tough time explaining people that you are ‘just friends’


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For every stare you get when you walk together or every time you are asked if you are dating, there’s only one answer, ‘We are just friends’!

4. But sometimes you yourself wonder if you love him/her



Because, if the world sees it that way, maybe it is that way!

5. You have also imagined what it would be like to date and marry him/her


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Come on, admit it now! You have at least once imagined dating him/her or even getting married because you understand each other so well and things are so perfect when you are together!

6. You have thought of sharing this thought with them several times but didn’t have the guts


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You have even thought of telling them that the random thought of dating them has crossed your mind many times but something stops you!

7. Because you don’t want to spoil the friendship.


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No, no, no and a big no!

8. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is so, so much jealous of him/her


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Of course, he/she is! Who likes their partner’s best friend anyway?

9. And you are secretly jealous of his/her girlfriend/boyfriend too


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You are! No? Come on, admit it! You are! You have stalked him/her on Facebook and even secretly hated them for a reason you don’t know!

10. You can’t understand why you like them so much, but well, you do!


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Yeah! Because all’s good when the two of you are together!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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