10 Types Of Neighbours That Exist In India

10 Types Of Neighbours That Exist In India

They say, “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. And, we Indians have been taking it too literally since years! Yeah, we love our neighbours and also hate them at the same time for the weird, typical selves they are! Neighbours, oh, that surely reminds of you some overtly funny, enthusiastic and creepy personalities, doesn’t it?

Here are 10 types of neighbours that exist in India.

1. The ‘Can I Get Some Sugar’ Ones


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These are the ones who would come running to your house every time they fall short of anything in their house. Because, after all, who would take the pains of going all the way to the supermarket?

2. The Spy Ones


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These are the unofficial spies who keep all knowledge about you. And, the moment they spot you with a friend of the opposite gender, the news will reach your parents even before you reach home.

3. The Super Show Off Ones


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These are those typical Indian neighbours who do not get enough of showing off. Whether they are headed to a movie or on a long holiday, they will come to your home, show off everything right from their tickets, the itinerary to the stuff they’ve shopped!

4. The Ones With The Bright Child


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We all have this one. That Sharma ji’s son and Verma’s aunty’s daughter who scores 95% in exams and we just have to hear about it every single day from mom!

5. The Peeping Ones


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These are the most irritating kinds of neighbours anyone can get. These ones have the habit of peeping into your home every time someone comes to visit you. And then, you have to explain your guests who that was!

6. The Over-Friendly Ones


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Then there are these personalities who are just so over friendly. They believe way too much in loving their neighbours and are always ready to help. They are so friendly that there’s at least one weekend getaway trip with them a year.

7. The Always Arguing Ones


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Not all of them are friendly, though! There are these Indian neighbours who somehow seem to be pissed all the time and can instantly break into an argument with you.

8. The Bitchy Aunties


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Well, I surely don’t have to explain them. They exist, and yeah, they exist everywhere!

9. The Mysterious Ones


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These are the mysterious personalities that quickly become the talk of the town. They hardly leave their home, don’t interact with people much, always seem to be in a hurry and have some weird guests coming up all the time. Um, well, they’re strange!

10. The Sweet And Sexy Girl Next Door


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Oh yes! These chics should be the reason why they say ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’. Yes, we are ready to love. If only, she throws a smile in my direction!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal May 24, 2016 05.38 pm

    I love this Post !!! truly apt The ‘Can I Get Some Sugar’ Ones, and The Always Arguing Ones I can so relate with them 😛 😛

    • pooja May 24, 2016 05.41 pm

      Hahahahha…I have the arguing ones 😛

  • Smeet May 24, 2016 05.39 pm

    10th <3 😛 😛

    • pooja May 24, 2016 05.41 pm

      Lol Smeet..I know I know 😛

      • Smeet May 25, 2016 06.05 pm

        Hahahahahahah :p


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