10 Types Of People You Find At Indian Weddings

10 Types Of People You Find At Indian Weddings

We Indians are known for many things around the world; our culture, the unity in diversity, our delicious cuisine and, of course, for the big fat Indian weddings. Weddings in India are more than just a bride and groom affair; they are a marriage of two families that is witnessed by hundreds and thousands of guests. And, mind you, while you invite them to shower blessings upon the bride and groom, they can be real weird sometimes!

Here are 10 types of people you will find at every Indian wedding.

1. The irritating aunties


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You just want to kill them when the question crops, “Beta ab tumhara number kab?”

2. The jewellery watchdogs


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These are the ladies who are at weddings only to check out the jewellery of other women and then demand them from their husbands later.

3. The unpaid family photographers


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These are those youngsters who will show the entire family how cool photography is and how much they love clicking!

4. Checking out the bride squad


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These are the people who are at the wedding only to check out the bride. Because, the way she smiles, talks, walks, everything of it matters! *Disgusted*

5. Searching a bahu for my son


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Oh yes. How can we not mention them? Because 50 percent of the mothers out there are at weddings to find a sanskari bahu for their sons!

6. The dancing baraatis


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These are the dance lovers in the family. Whether they can dance or not, they are just too happy to not shake a leg!

7. We’re here only to eat


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And again, there are these bhukkads who are at weddings only to taste the delicious menu. And they don’t shy away from asking for 4 gulab jamuns at a time!

8. The gift passers


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Well, we have these ones too. These are the people who will put the crockery set they got in their wedding in a nice gift wrap and pass it on.

9. The honeymoon enthusiasts


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These people are actually more excited about the honeymoon than the bride and the groom. The moment they are on the stage, the first question comes, “Honeymoon kidhar?”

10. We’re staying over at your place for another week


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And last but not the least, here are those irritating relatives who probably do not have better business in life than to stay at your place for a week or month more even after the wedding is over.

Whatever be it, the big fat Indian weddings are just too much fun, agree?

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal May 13, 2016 10.07 am

    ‘The unpaid family photographers’ rofl hahaha!!! 😀 😀 I enjoyed this article 😀 I am so much agree with all the points specially the last one 😛

    • pooja May 13, 2016 11.46 am

      Lol yes…u know especially the guests who come from native place, they are not ready to go only! 😛

      • Sheetal May 13, 2016 12.06 pm

        Yeah!! We have this one relative who comes week prior to the wedding and goes after the month of wedding . !! 😀 😀

        • pooja May 13, 2016 03.12 pm

          Hahahahhaha 😛


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