10 Things That Happen When You Have An Awesome Friend Circle At Work

10 Things That Happen When You Have An Awesome Friend Circle At Work

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Blessed are those who have a great friend circle at work! For, after passing out from college, we all realized that there was a huge difference between colleagues and friends! Colleagues are your mates but not friends. They won’t stand up for you, help you with your stuff or wait for you an extra 10 minutes while leaving for home. Because they are not friends!

But, what if you have a friend circle at work rather than just colleagues? Here are 10 things that happen when you have the best friend circle at work.

1. Bitching is so much fun


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Yo baby! BTW did you just look at the dress she’s wearing today?

2. No Monday blues


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Monday blues? What’s that? Going to office is the best thing ever!

3. Work is combined with fun


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We work and we have fun. Together! Multitasking, you know!

4. You have a shoulder to cry over whenever the boss insults you


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Got some serious bashing in the meeting? Don’t worry. Just go the washroom, call your gang and let the frustration out!

5. There’s always help when there’s too much work


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There’s never really too much of it when you have friends around!

6. Lunch and tea breaks last for hours


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We bet on this one! Lunch breaks are no shorter than 2-3 hours and tea breaks are at least about one hour!

7. Celebrations at office are so much fun


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Come festivals and the real fun begins. The DJ party, the excitement of getting ready and wearing fancy clothes to show off, it’s all so worth it!

8. Loud laughs followed by bashing from managers


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Yeah, you know that! Been there, done that?

9. Every other colleague in the office gets a secret name


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Yes, because you just can’t bitch about them openly, nah?

10. You dread the thought of leaving the job ever


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Oh no, let’s not talk about it, please?

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  • Sheetal (Halo of Books) June 09, 2016 10.01 am

    Awww Pooja my eyes filled with tears 🙁 You know when I joined ANM I had never imagined that I’ll get a best friends like you, Arti and Aditi. As I don’t have good experience with friends in past, but I got a awesome friend circle with you all. All these reminds me ANM, literally the secret names (ACP, BG) 😀 😀 Sandwich party, after lunch gossip .. There was so much fun and you wrote it right that yes there was no Monday blues when I worked there .. I really missed you all and our group. Hope one day we will get to enjoy those days again… 😀 😀

    • pooja June 09, 2016 10.42 am

      Sheetal really yar…when I wrote this, the only thing in my mind was ANM ANM ANM! Miss our ANM days so much. The secret names, yeah, there are so many, haha!

  • Aarti Ranpura June 09, 2016 10.21 am

    veerrrrrryyyyyyyyy truuueeeee!! I am really missing our precious time spent in the previous organisation 🙁

    • pooja June 09, 2016 10.43 am

      Yeah 🙁 I hope some day we will come together again!


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