This Couple In Mumbai Provides Free Tiffin Service For Senior Citizens

This Couple In Mumbai Provides Free Tiffin Service For Senior Citizens

Do your parents or grandparents stay alone in Mumbai while you are at work in another city? Do you have a senior citizen staying alone in your complex in Mumbai? Naturally, they must be having a tough time maintaining the house, cleaning, cooking, all by themselves. But, not anymore!

Here’s introducing  Mark and Yvonne D’Souza, a middle-aged couple in Mumbai, who provide free tiffin service to senior citizens. The couple has been doing the noble work for three years now and hasn’t charged a penny from the 40 senior citizens they serve to in Borivali.

The idea first struck Mark which got great support from his wife, Yvonne. In Mark’s words,

“I do not have my parents anymore. My mother-in-law stays with us and we take care of her. One fine day, I was just sitting in my office when the thought struck me that there must be so many senior citizens living alone in the country. How do they arrange for well-prepared food for themselves?” says Mark, who lives with his wife, son and daughter-in-law in I.C. colony itself.”


After the thought struck him and got good support from his wife, Mark first started the free tiffin service on 14th November 2012, the day of Diwali. And then, there was no looking back!

Mark personally delivers meals every day, driving from one house to another, to over 40 elderly people in Borivali’s I.C. Colony. In return, all Mark asks for is blessings and prayers from the elders.

“It is all about inner satisfaction. When these people receive the tiffin, they always say – ‘God bless you, Mark!’ It is such a sweet thing. They are all like my parents.”


There have also been times when Mark has had to leave his office to deliver meals to his customers but he is more than happy to do so. Here’s an instance, explained by Mark,

“A few months ago, Delma was unwell. She called me in the evening asking if I could get her some khichdi. I had to leave my office but I made sure she got her food,” remembers Mark.”

When asked about his future goals, Mark states that he plans to build an old age home for elderly cancer patients.

“Some elderly people are drained and exhausted from the disease during the last stage. I am thinking that if I get a place somewhere, I would like to build a home for such patients and take care of them.”


We salute the spirit of Mark and Yvonne D’Souza! We surely need more people like them in this world!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Sheetal (halo of books) July 21, 2016 03.58 pm

    My good wishes are you with you Mark and Yvonne D’Souza!! You are doing a noble work !! I also want to do something like this !! Thanks for sharing Pooja !! Please spread this post !

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 21, 2016 04.19 pm

      Really, such a noble work. Hats off to them!

  • aarti ranpura July 21, 2016 05.39 pm

    Rare people take such initiatives in this cruel world! Happy with the good deed they are doing 🙂 God bless them 🙂

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 21, 2016 06.07 pm

      True! 🙂

  • Pankaj Gosain July 22, 2016 05.07 pm

    Really very kind work. And thanks Pooja for Sharing it.

    • Pooja Kshirsagar July 22, 2016 05.49 pm

      Pankaj, indeed they are doing a great job. Glad that I could play a small part in making them famous!


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