I Proudly Support PM Modi On The Demonetisation Issue. Here’s Why.

I Proudly Support PM Modi On The Demonetisation Issue. Here’s Why.

So, the entire country is going bonkers over the issue of demonetisation and people are literally divided into two groups; the ones in support of the decision and the ones against it. While no arguments can change or stay the historical decision of the government now, there still are people, let alone the opposition, who are not letting any stone unturned in defaming the government and slamming the Prime Minister for introducing the sudden ‘change’.

Amid all the chaos, here’s why I chose to write this article. Since the day demonetisation came into effect, I have been observing people, their diverse views and comments on social media on the issue. And, while most of them are in support of the government, there are many who do not particularly seem happy for any reason whatsoever. This post is particularly addressed to that section of the society who thinks the government, the Prime Minister to be specific, is making fun of people and executing the demonetisation policy only to trouble the common man and the lower class people.

First and foremost, the policy has been made in favour of the common man and the lower class and not with an intention to cause them pain, trouble or any sort of inconvenience. To be particular, the policy has been made to get black money out of lockers and closed doors, so that it can be adequately taxed and used by the government for better purposes. Although it has been causing trouble to people, the decision has a simple and straightforward formula, favouring the honest ones and slamming the dishonest ones.

Coming to the implementation part, it is clear that people have been facing many issues since the currency that was most widely in circulation has been suddenly scrapped, leaving people cashless. And, although the government had assured that money will start flowing smoothly into the economy within a few days, it still hasn’t, which is further adding up to the concerns of the common man and the poor. Certainly, it is frustrating and exasperating at times, but, we the people, must understand and take into consideration the sole purpose of the whole mess and try to cooperate with the government, which, after several years, has been thinking about the nation and its people and aiming for their welfare.

Many people are arguing that the members of the BJP were already aware of the decision and that the whole mess is created only to trouble the common people. But, if we are to follow the figures revealed by the RBI, over 80 billion dollars have been deposited by people across the country in banks so far, only 13 days after the decision took effect. Now, isn’t that a massive figure? All this while, this money was in the hiding in lockers and safes at home. A major chunk of this money had been kept locked away by people so as to avoid taxes. Even if half of this money gets used for public welfare, don’t you think India will rapidly progress on the path of success and development?

The opposition, as always, has been slamming the remarkable decision by the PM asserting that it has been causing a number of deaths countrywide. Agreed, it is very unfortunate that people have died standing in queues and working in banks, or merely out of shock and fear that their hard-earned money would be rendered useless. However, is it not common sense that the PM or the government never anticipated people dying out of such a decision? Who considers repercussions like these while planning an economical move? Sure, it created shock and panic across the country, but the government did enough to appeal to people to not panic and that not a coin from their hard-earned money would be lost. Then why such chaos?

People on social media platforms have been alleging that villagers, particularly farmers, are being forced to bear the brunt and that they have been rendered cashless and helpless due to the government’s decision. I would like these people to answer a few questions. Weren’t our farmers always in a similar financial situation? How much money does a farmer have at his home and how many days would it take him to exchange the old currency? Where were these people when the farmers were dying due to drought and extreme poverty? How many of them actually made an effort to help these farmers in their difficult times? Why don’t people go to these rural areas and volunteer for the poor? Why don’t they simply donate a few bucks if they know that farmers have been suffering badly?


When Virender Sehwag compared the situation of people to that of soldiers and questioned that if soldiers can stand the whole day for the sake of the nation, why can’t we, he was slammed and trolled by several people on Twitter. Ok then, why are these same people comparing the situation to that of farmers and the poor? The government has already announced that farmers can withdraw Rs. 25,000 per week to repay their loans and can also use the old currency to buy seeds from government-run stores. So do people want to say that a farmer requires more than Rs. 25,000 a week to lead his life? Farmers are not that glamorous and wealthy, after all!

Also for the people who are complaining about the long queues at banks and ATMs, let me not just ask you but also tell you that if the PM would have announced that every citizen of the country would be receiving Rs. 4,000 from the government and that the amount can be collected from the banks, no one would ever have complained about the long queues. People would have happily stood in the line, and even if they would faint standing under the scorching sun, they would happily get up and get back in the line. No one would ever complain or ask the PM to withdraw the decision then! The fact is that people don’t want to take any pains these days, but want the end result directly!

By the way, the fact that people do not want to take any pains reminds me of something else too. A couple of days ago, I happened to read a few comments by some people who wanted the PM to remember his promise of depositing 15 lakh rupees in the bank account of every Indian. Not only did it enrage me, but it did also seem funny! People are actually demanding free money from the government so that they are not forced to work hard to earn it and can spend time partying and holidaying instead! This is so unfortunate! For the people who support such views, here’s what the PM had promised: He said, one day there will be 15 lakh rupees in the bank account of every Indian and that no one would go to sleep hungry. That does not mean he is going to deposit the amount in every Indian’s bank account. It means equity and not equality! The money would be directed towards those who most need it and not given away to the people who are fit to earn it!

Instead of randomly distributing money to people, there are so many reforms and developments we can bring about in our country using the recovered black money, isn’t it? The money can be used to buy better security systems and weapons for the Army, for equipping our police and commandos with better bullet-proof jackets and security essentials, training and preparing them for emergency situations, developing our intelligence services so as to prevent sudden and major attacks, providing easy loans, seeds and land to farmers so that they can feed their own families while feeding the nation, improving the health and sanitation facilities in rural areas, educating the poor so that no one remains poor and jobless in the country, sponsoring the medical treatment of injured security personnel who risk their lives to keep the nation safe, and so on.

Also, the fact that the opposition actually gave an ultimatum and a deadline to the PM to withdraw the so-called draconian decision, failing which they would call for riots, amazes me the most! On one hand, they are asking the PM to withdraw the decision quoting that it is causing the deaths of several innocent people and, on the other hand, they are openly giving out riot threats! I mean, what happens in riots? Do people dance and entertain themselves? Riots too cause the deaths of innocent people, destroy houses, families and public property and bring shame to the nation. And the opposition wants to call riots! Like, seriously?

My only argument here is that we must collectively support the beginning of a change with the PM’s historical move. The common man always complains about the government not paying heed to their needs. However, after several years, here we have got a PM who is at least trying to bring about a change in the system and introducing a few reforms. Let us all be mature and supportive of him in changing the face of the country. The long bank queues have slowly been subsiding and things would hopefully come to normal soon. Till then, let’s cooperate with the government and help each other as responsible citizens of the country!

Pooja Kshirsagar is a full-time Copywriter, a passionate blogger and an aspiring novelist. She believes in the power of words and loves writing entertaining stuff and opinion-based articles.

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  • Madhusudan Manikant Vedant November 24, 2016 09.44 am

    Congrate. Your atricles are very informative and accepted by the right group of the people. Your observation are very right and to the point. It is very difficult to change the trend but gradually it will be accepted by the large section of the people. As stated earlier, our honourable PM is from the class who everyday hardship faced with smile and supporting the govt. That class is very confident about the right policy of the govt. It is paving good path of future for its next generation. IT IS THE GOVT OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

    • Pooja Kshirsagar November 24, 2016 06.05 pm

      Thank you so much Madhusudan uncle 🙂


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